dentist planning software

Ortho Insight 3D® Software

Powerful Treatment Planning Software

Our biologically-based setups help you understand your patient in depth, in minutes, before you start treatment. Now you can measure, analyze, and simulate virtual treatments with ease!

Our trimmed bases are more natural looking because we do not try to fit a preformed base. Our method is similar to actual model trimming – but takes a fraction of the time!

System Requirements

Generate Automated ABO Reports

  • The ABO Discrepancy Index report for pre-treatment models automatically tabulates measurements of case complexity used when determining submission of the case for the clinical examination.
  • The ABO Cast-Radiograph Evaluation report for final models and panoramic radiographs tabulates treatment results used for objective grading by ABO examiners.
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Ortho Insight 3D® Scanner

High Resolution Laser Scanner for Models

Desktop scanning for both models and impressions. Fast, accurate scanner makes model digitization easy as 1 – 2 – 3!

You no longer have to manually draw scribe lines on a model, it’s done automatically. What took hours before takes minutes now. Brackets are placed with robotic precision.

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Facial Insight 3D™ Scanner

Non-Radiation Instant Face Scans

With our fully integrated facial scanning, you can take a full 3D scan of your patient’s face, and then have it automatically linked to 3D models in Ortho Insight 3D™.

Bring your presentations to life by adding highly detailed face scans. Automated identification of facial landmarks and facial analysis.

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iPrint 3D® Printer

Super fast, high-resolution 3D printing

3D printing for your own office! Accurate and high resolution, the iPrint 3D® printer offers blazing fast print speeds and low cost of maintenance.

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